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Digital Marketing

We build brands online. The effort and detailed focus business owners have for their businesses should also be replicated in the virtual world. We do that. We build a brand and brand experience online.

Brand Design & Strategy

How your company appears in both the real-world and digital-world is important.

Social Media Management

 We don’t just create engaging contents. We analyze, research, plan and strategize.

Content Development

Full HD photographs, videos, animations, graphic design.

Account Management

We build warm working relationships with prompt responses and proactive interactions

Website Development

Amazingly creative & responsive websites that convert clients.


Be visible online. Generate more traffic, leads, and revenue.

Email Marketing

Send the right emails to the right prospects and get results


You want people to take action on your products and services? We know how.

Revenue Management

This is the science of pricing and packaging and promotions – primarily targeted for Hotels to assist with pricing with a view on market conditions, Target Market Spending Patterns and Past Records and Current Trends. This involved reports and analysis.

Hospitality Consultancy

With Great Customer Interactions and Memorable experiences at heart the team helps our partners build unique touch points through :


  • Market Research
  • Mystery Audits
  • Guest experience reports and Summary
  • Reports and Analysis
  • SOP Creation
  • Training and Development
  • Guest Comments Summary


With focus on engaging technology that either – Reduces Payroll, Increases Efficiency, Boosts Guest experience

SHS has partnered with market leaders to bring to the region unique technology solutions from across the world that are best in class and through SHS are able to offer Delightful Client Management :

A hotel tech ecosystem that increases conversions and ADR. State-of-the-art software and marketing, for every hotel

Hotel Operations Made Easy!

Easy, quick and intuitive collaboration with all employees via PC, smartphone & tablet

WIHP provides an all-in-one platform which enables our clients to build digital marketing strategies on their terms with a focus on ROI transparency.

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